Shuhei Nakamoto: Jack Miller Judi Terbesar


Shuhei Nakamoto mengakui bahwa kepindahan Jack Miller dari moto3 langsung naik kelas ke motoGP adalah sebuah perjudian besar…..

Bukan tanpa alasan memang, walaupun top rider seperti Marc Marquez dan Vale46 berpendapat bahwa Miller harusnya di Moto2 terlebih dahulu namun bos HRC mempunyai feeling bagus terhadap Miller.
“I know this is a big gamble and maybe a very stupid idea or a very cool idea. Of course I have been thinking myself that the jump from Moto3 to MotoGP is too big and maybe it is not a good idea and then I think maybe it is possible. I am thinking and I am very worried. But I am crazy enough to do this. But I have a gut feeling about him. Personality doesn’t matter. I never think about that. Speed is the only important thing.” Ungkap Shuhei Nakamoto bos HRC kepada MCN
“We were very interested in Jack and we spoke about this idea to Lucio and he said it is a very exciting one. Lucio himself decided to do this and we told him if he wanted to lease the bike, Honda could help. The idea came from Honda and we talked with Lucio and then he decided.” Shuhei Nakamoto menambahkan 

Aussie Miller merupakan yang pertama dalam sepuluh tahun terakhir yang langsung dipromosikan dari kelas  pemula balap dunia motor yaitu moto3 ke motoGP dan langsung dapat kontrak 3 tahun pula di tim LCR Honda.


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