Warna Baru Suzuki GSX-RR MotoGP 2020

Warna Baru Suzuki GSX-RR MotoGP 2020

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Goozir.com – Tim Suzuki Ecstar 2020 rilis dengan warna baru Suzuki GSX RR MotoGP 2020. Mengambil tema 60 tahun di dunia racing, Suzuki Ecstar membuat livery baru dengan kombinasi biru dan silver.

Livery tim Suzuki MotoGP pada GSX RR tahun 2020 terinspirasi dari liveri motor balap Suzuki yang pertama kali tampil di Isle of Man TT tahun 1960 dengan pembalap Ernst Degner.

Suzuki GSX RR 2020

Setelah berlalu selama 60 tahun, tim Suzuki keluar dari kebiasaan dengan memasang livery 60 tahun lalu ke motor tunggangan Alex Rins dan Joan Mir.

Livery baru Suzuki Ecstar membawa semangat baru untuk Rins maupun Mir.

Pemabalap Suzuki Ecstar

Alex Rins

“Last season brought me one of the most exciting feelings on earth which was to win my first MotoGP race. It was a dream come true, and the second victory felt amazing too. I will bring those emotions with me into 2020, as well as the awareness of the growth that I’ve made. One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt is how to better manage a race, especially when I’m leading or fighting. I will carry the special livery for the 60 years in racing and this makes me proud. One of the best things about being with Suzuki is that I feel a real family atmosphere, I don’t know if it was also like that in the past, but to me it feels like something they have in the Suzuki DNA, together with constantly striving to win, and I think this really makes a difference. Now in 2020 we have to stay focused and get good results, more podiums for sure and hopefully also more wins. This is the path to success, I believe; little by little, step by step, with hard work all together.”

Joan Mir

“For sure my expectations for 2020 are much higher than last year, because I’m not a rookie anymore. We ended last season on a good path, with consistent improvements that helped me to overcome the difficulties that came from the crash in Brno and led me to have some very positive races at the end of the season. The first year has been a learning one, the MotoGP machine is such a beast that you have to learn how to control it, and I had huge support from all of my team. Now I want to build on my experience and start placing my name among the top riders. I have trained very well during winter, I have focused on physical preparation and also on smoothness in riding, which is one thing that my GSX-RR requires, I think. Beside this, I’m really eager to get on my MotoGP machine again in Sepang and start to improve further. It’s going to be an important year for Suzuki and the blue-silver livery looks amazing on my GSX-RR, I’m proud to be part of this historic year and carry such racing heritage on my fairing.”

Spesifikasi Suzuki GSX RR

  • Overall L x W x H : 2,096mm x 720mm x 1,140mm
  • Wheelbase : 1,457mm
  • Engine Type : Water-cooled, 4 Stroke in-line 4 cylinder, DOHC 4 valve
  • Displacement : 1,000cm3
  • Maximum Output : Over 176kw (240 PS)
  • Maximum Speed : 340km/h
  • Gearbox : Six-Speed, Seamless System
  • Chassis : Twin-spar aluminium
  • Tyres (Front/Rear) : Michelin, 17” / 17”
  • Front suspension : Öhlins, Inverted fork
  • Rear suspension : Öhlins
  • Brakes : Carbon/Steel disc, Brembo
  • Software : Magneti Marelli
  • Weight : 157kg

Gallery Suzuki GSX-RR

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